When I started my personal photo blog in 2007 I made a point of not writing too much about technique. In addition to general updates about my work, I wanted to keep it focused more on theoretical and aesthetic issues. Now that I am printing almost exclusively in platinum/palladium and have experimented with multiple techniques and workflows, I want to write more about the process of printing, to describe what I’ve learned and hopefully make it easier for others to make warm, luminous platinum prints.

I found my post on using fumed silica has been one of the most viewed and searched for subjects on my personal blog, so I’ve started this blog dedicated to the platinum/palladium process to give readers more detailed information about tips and techniques, as well as events and interviews with other platinum/palladium printers and their work. Please be sure to sign up in the sidebar (or click the “follow” button if you are already a wordpress user) to receive email notifications of new posts, updates, and announcements .